Three Kingdoms strategy game 94 possesses extremely diverse fighting mechanisms

Three Kingdoms strategy game 94 possesses extremely diverse fighting mechanisms

In addition to the characteristics of the SLG genre familiar to the Three Kingdoms, the Three Kingdoms 94 Mobile also offers a variety of combat mechanisms in each battle.

Three Kingdoms 94 brings fascinating stories with familiar characters in the Three Kingdoms context. There you will be the King of a country, overcome challenges in the form of chapters such as each page of stories, vivid, attractive episodes.

Basically, mobile game Three Kingdoms 94 is still developing according to the familiar gameplay of tactical role-playing game with management and construction elements. Not only lead the player to explore the plot with easy-to-understand and easy-to-read conversations, the chapters in each chapter are built like a border fortress that you must gradually overcome.

This feature makes players feel each battle honestly, feeling like the fierce battles of the Three Kingdoms period, bringing troops to occupy and defending the border, clearly reproducing every detail of the show. out right before your eyes.

That is not to mention the spectacular skill effects, majestic, not inferior to the role-playing games about swordplay, making each battle more eye-catching, highlighting a period of epic history.

Especially different from the usual SLG games, each in the Three Kingdoms 94 mobile depending on the level of important arrangement that has different fighting styles. In the frontier outside the city gate, the entire squad consists of up to 9 generals leading each army to attack and destroy all enemy generals.

Or also, the seller will send the vanguard to have the strongest combat power or counter with the enemy champion to duel. By the way of bending, real, unreal to compare with the opponent, gain the overall advantage to attack the city gate.

In the chapter chapters, the gameplay is modeled after the drop, in the course of battle you will collect the command points, enough numbers will call the corresponding generals, leading the army towards the base. Main opponent to destroy and wipe out ải successfully.

During the battle, players also use more main skills, rage skills like in role-playing games to increase strength, deal widespread damage, destroy faster enemies.

Of course, in addition to diverse combat mechanisms, the Three Kingdoms 94 Funtap also converges intensive tactical elements. From the general development system includes all features: Equipment, Skills, Rising Stars, Upgrades, … until the division of the general system according to quality, army, counteract each other, … unleash people Play exploring and devising creative strategies.

Along with that, players also need to invest in construction and management of basic facilities and infrastructure for their main citadel to provide materials to upgrade generals and train troops. There is even a feature to interact with the beauty to increase affection and many other activities and features of this series.

Thanks to in-depth tactical gameplay mixed with interesting role-playing elements, especially diverse combat mechanisms gathered from many popular genres, the Three Kingdoms mobile game 94 brings a unique color to the product. as well as make a difference to the SLG genre that is picky about players.

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